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"Before moving to the United States in 1995, Marta Rogoyska was one of the most acclaimed and feted weavers in Britain. Famously outspoken and charismatically assertive - not least about the crafts-centric American weaving she encountered in her emigration, a scene she cuttingly referred to as "quixotic" - she left droves of imitators on her departure, disciples to her exuberant collage style of weaving, as exemplified in the works View I, 2009, View II, 2009, Blue Rondo, 2010, and View Alternate Take, 2010.

"Her own explanation of her approach to the form is unpretentious and concise: feeling that tapestry as a medium is idiosyncratic in its potential for creating speculative and aesthetically spontaneous works. She plans little of her designs, referring to prepare merely with broad outlines and to fill these sketchy ideas into images both bold and self-consciously undetailed. Her aim, she states, is simply to "engage and intrigue the viewer".

Excerpted from Tapestry, A Woven Narrative, Black Dog Press, 2011